Supergoop’s New Line of SPF For Kids Was Formulated Based on Parents' “Dream Sunscreen” -

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Supergoop’s New Line of SPF For Kids Was Formulated Based on Parents' “Dream Sunscreen”

As annoying as it can be, and as long as it may take thanks to their wriggling, putting sunscreen on our kids in the Summertime is a must. However, not every sunscreen is made equal, especially when it comes to the ones formulated specifically for kids. Supergoop!, a skincare brand that makes SPF essentials for adults, knows that as a parent you are conscious of what you're applying to your baby's delicate skin, which is why it's introducing its own line of sunscreen just for kids.

Sunnyscreen, a broad spectrum sunscreen line with three different formulas for babies and kiddos, was created by former teacher and Supergoop! CEO and Founder Holly Thaggard, who was committed to creating the sunscreen of a parent's dreams because of her own passion around teaching kids the importance of wearing SPF daily.

"When we started thinking about launching an SPF for babies and kiddos, we asked parents about their dream sunscreen," Holly told POPSUGAR. "They came back to us with a seemingly impossible wishlist of everything they wanted: the cleanest of the clean! No smell! Easy to apply! Pediatrician-approved! So I'm MOST happy to announce Sunnyscreen because we were able to check everything off their wishlist, and then some. Parents will discover three formulas with zero compromises. And that's just so wonderful to me."

She added: "I hope parents will be thrilled about having not one, but three exceptional options to choose from when it comes to SPF for their babies and kiddos. I also hope they'll be able to find comfort in the fact that their kids' skin will stay nourished and protected thanks to these clean, safe, gentle formulas."

Ahead, meet the three different types of sunscreen - a lotion, a spray, and a stick - in the brand new Sunnyscreen line, which all are blendable and water-resistant for 80 minutes!

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